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Marble Use in the Kitchen

We love offering a CEU that answers a need in your practice the way this one does!

Myths abound about marble use in the kitchen. Your clients may want the luxurious look of marble, but they think they have to have engineered stone or granite whether they like it or not, just to be safe.

We say: More marble. Less fear.

Italian grandmothers know something about marble in the kitchen that your American residential clients don’t. Find out why the Nonnas can live with and love their classic white marble countertops for decades while cooking daily with red wine, tomato sauce, olive oil and lemon juice. And learn why and how marble is trending in American kitchens more than ever before.

This course, written by the esteemed Marble Institute of America and presented by AKDO’s stone experts, will help give you all you need to know about proper sealing and expand your ability to set consumer expectations for simple, realistic maintenance schedules for marble in the kitchen.

Now you can relax and specify those luscious, thick Carrara slabs or Calacatta backsplashes, and your clients can rejoice in their European-inspired elegance.

1 credit (AIA, IDCEC and NKBA)

Natural Stone Tile: An Overview

Few missteps in design are more costly than a stone tile failure. Luckily, this can be easily avoided with basic knowledge and a few up-front precautions.

“Natural Stone Tile: An Overview” is a one-hour course that familiarizes design professionals with the resources available for installation methods and specifying standards for natural stone tile. In this course, developed by the stone authorities at Marble Institute of America in partnership with the Tile Council of North America, you’ll learn to:

  • Understand the basic stone types and methods of formation
  • Reference the key aspects of stone tile specs as introduced in the 2011-12 TCNA Handbook, ANSI A 108/A118, and the MIA Dimension Stone Design Manual 7.2
  • Understand how the characteristics of stone and the intricacies of stone tile installation can impact your project
  • Distinguish key differences between the installation of stone tile and ceramic or porcelain tile
  • Access great resources available for installation methods and specifying standards for natural stone tile

We’ll even show you examples of common stone tile failures and give you a checklist of best practices to ensure a successful installation. 1 credit (AIA and IDCEC)

Stone 101: Designing with the Oldest Building Material

AKDO invites you to a CEU geared towards Architects, Interior Designers and Kitchen Industry Professionals desiring to gain a full understanding of natural stone as a building material. This one-hour class is designed for professionals desiring to gain a full understanding of natural stone as a building material. Learn more about the various natural stones (limestone, travertine, onyx, marble, sandstone, slate, quartzite, and granite). Obtain information about common quarrying techniques, fabrication, and finishing methods. With this understanding, you’ll enhance your ability to select the right stone, fabrication technique, and finish for your project. Written by the country’s foremost stone authorities, Marble Institute of America, and presented by AKDO’s experts, Stone 101 is an eye-opener. Here’s a taste of what you’ll discover:

  • Learn the difference between rock and stone, between stone tile and stone mosaic, and gain a whole new respect for slabs.
  • Learn the types of stone and how they originate in nature, and how these natural characteristics can become a rough guide to the way various stones should be applied to building projects.
  • Learn about quarrying and discover the joy of designing with materials from the earth.
  • Learn about natural variation and why, depending on where they come out of the ground, the markings of certain stones can be as unique as fingerprints.

If you loved your college geology course you will go crazy for Stone 101. If you hated it, rest assured there will be enough design-centric content here to  make you very happy. Either way, take part one and two and earn yourself 2 credits. (AIA, IDCEC and NKBA)

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