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Daring Design: Teal Tile


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Daring Design: Teal Tile

Trend forecasters from top Shelter magazines have predicted the resurgence of rich jewel tones and bold colors for interiors in the coming months. This movement can be attributed to fact that bespoke looks have become so prevalent in high end interior and hospitality design. Mixing…
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Trending in Design: Ash Gray

2017 saw many interior design trends, but there is one that stands out above the rest in terms of its transcendence. Gray is, all at once, modern and classic; it’s truly a color chameleon in the sense that the effect it has on changes based…
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Labyrinths: The Practice of Being Mindful

Are you familiar with the symbolism behind the finger labyrinth? You may have noticed these ancient symbols featured in our latest designer collection, Kaya by Clodagh. Kaya by Clodagh, featuring the Ahuta Finger Labyrinth Without a doubt, these sinuous shapes bring a distinctive “zen”…
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Trending in Tile: Simplicity

Large Format and Wood Looks Are Hot

AKDO’s new WIDE porcelain in Olive Chalk is great for kitchens because it is very low maintenance, and great for dining areas because it is unaffected by chair drag. In design, the advantages of high tech porcelain are myriad.  It is low maintenance,…
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Exotic Istanbul

We Took Over Traditional Home's Instagram

  Here’s what happens when our Creative Director gets turned loose with her iPhone in Istanbul: magic! In this ancient city that spans two continents, inspiration is everywhere, so when the editors of Traditional Home invited Kate Sterling to share Istanbul with their…
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