6″ x 36″ Etic Rovere Bianco

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  • Porcelain
  • 6" x 36" Etic Rovere Bianco

6″ x 36″ Etic Rovere Bianco

Dimensions 6" x 36" = 1.450 sqft

Part Number PO1754-063600

Availability Regular Stock - Available both residential & commercial in the following states: CA - SF Bay area, CT, DE, ME, MA, NH, NJ, NY, PA, RI, VT.

Product Information

Thickness 3/8"

Grout Joint Recommendation 1/16"

Color Variation v2

Sealing Not required, grout may require sealing

Tech Data

DCOF (ANSI A 137.1:2012) >0.42

Moisture Absorption <0.1%

Breaking Strength S>2000N

MOHs 7

Chemical Resistance Resistant

Abrasion <150 mm3

SCOF Dry (ASTM C 1028) >.60

SCOF Wet (ASTM C 1028) >.60


Interior Yes

Freeze Thaw Yes

Wet Area Yes

Floor Yes

Wall Yes

Traffic Standard Commercial. Contact AKDO with specific project details for more information.

Steam Shower Yes

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