AKDO's Cloud Ceramic offers a light and airy look to spaces, making it perfect for coastal inspired design.

Product name: 2” x 8” Essential Ceramic Cloud (M)
Part number: CR2091-0208M0
Availability: In Stock
Dimensions: 1.97'' x 7.87'' = .108 sqft
Thickness: 3/8"
Grount joint recommendation: 1/16"
Color: White
Color variation: LOW
Finish: Matte
Due to the inherent characteristics of ceramic, there may be variations in color, movement and texture from lot to lot.

Interior: Yes
Floor: No
Wall: Yes
Exterior – Freeze/thaw: No
Wet Area: Yes
Steam Shower: Yes
Pool: No
Traffic: WALL ONLY
The performance of surface covering products often depends on installation, environmental, and usage factors unique to each project. AKDO is not responsible for any effects that may be caused to products due to installation, wear from use, or exposure to environmental factors including but not limited to: hard water, chemicals, heat, flame, smoke, dirt or other substances. It is your responsibility to assess the project to determine if the product you are selecting is appropriate considering the unique characteristics of your installation, and to apply appropriate, high quality sealers when necessary. Please consult your installer for more information.

Water Absortion: >10%
Breaking Strength: COMPLIANT
MOHs Hardness: >=5
Chemical Resistance: GA GLA GHA

MR – Building product disclosure and optimization – sourcing of raw materials: pre-consumer 45% recycled content

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