Calacatta Gold Extra (P) ¾'' Slab Size:  123'' x 72'' Lot: 24104



AKDO’s Calacatta Gold Extra is an elegant marble slab with generous taupe and gold-toned veining that stands out in both traditional and modern spaces.

Product name: Calacatta Gold Extra (P) ¾” Slab
Part number: MB1700-SL34P0
Availability: In Stock
Thickness: 3/4"
Color: White
Finish: Polished
Material: Marble,Stone
Due to the inherent characteristics of natural stone, there may be variations in color, movement and texture from lot to lot.

Interior: 1
Floor: Yes
Wall: Yes
Exterior: 1
Wet Area: Yes
Backsplash: Yes
Fireplace Surround: Yes

DCOF – ANSI A.137.1 Due to the natural characteristics and variation in natural stone, slip resistance will vary. Such factors are dependent on lots, finish and the topical sealant applied. There is currently no standard industry test with the ability to measure the exact slip resistance.

In order to reduce the slipperiness of stone surfaces, AKDO suggests selecting a Non-Polished finish such as Honed, Sandblasted, or Textured stone, or choosing a mosaic, as the grout joints in the stone result in an increase of friction.