Far Beyond the Surface

AKDO is a company built on a foundation of love, family and dedication. Twenty-five years ago, our CEO, Hakki Akbulak was looking for a way to stay connected with his brother, who, at the time, was an ocean apart in Turkey. The pair decided that by founding a business together, they would remain connected in every aspect of their lives on a daily basis. Thus, as a natural born entrepreneur, Hakki asked himself, “what does Turkey have that America needs?” The answer, in short, is this: beautiful, abundant, natural stone.

The process of working together to achieve this shared goal turned out to be all that the brothers could have hoped for, and more. AKDO was born, along with our ‘brother company’ Silkar, a joint enterprise that today is comprised of multiple quarries, factories, ateliers, and a vast distribution network in the luxury tile and stone markets.

The rest, as you know, is history. Today, the AKDO family is much larger than it once was, and we’re all proud to be a part of this group of passionate and caring employees, suppliers, dealers, consultants and customers.

So, while what we do is produce beautiful surfaces, why we do it has much deeper roots, and thus, AKDO is a company that goes “Far Beyond the Surface”.

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