AKDO is one of the only tile and stone brands in the business with our own quarries, factories and handcraft ateliers. If you need something custom, we can probably make it more swiftly and accurately than you might have experienced elsewhere in the custom design world. Try us!


You might believe some of the requests we get, but you might not guess how quickly and painlessly we fulfill them. Here are just a few that have delighted our designer friends in recent times:

  • An elaborate custom seascape to wrap around 3 walls of a bath. It has to be very vivid and include rare colors of natural stone such as blue, pink, purple and green. Also the bath has chromatherapy lighting so the mosaic should have tiny mirror flecks that change as the light temperature changes.
  • A spa floor that looks like rain dropping into the sea.
  • An enormous map of the world comprised of more than a million tiny, hand-cut, hand placed tesserae.

Please, bring us your fiercest, most exciting custom mosaic challenge. Our experts will lend their expertise to your vision and partner with you for a painless creative process and a spectacular result, much faster than you’d imagine.


We know that design-minded people hire design professionals so that they can have a fully-realized, thoughtful, bespoke interior that looks like nothing they’ve seen anywhere else. And it’s our pleasure to help designers create these spaces. Often in a hurry.

Of course designers are brilliant at mixing our products together in designs and turning them sideways and just generally doing the unexpected with stocked materials. But sometimes, no matter what’s in stock, you just want what you want. We get it! You fall in love with a stocked mosaic but wish that stripe or dot or center stone were a different color or material. We’ll happily work with you to achieve your vision. We do it every day.

Scale is often as important in a design as pattern or color – so if you love something we do and need it larger or smaller, chances are we can accommodate you. You see, unlike other tile brands, we have our own factories and ateliers. So getting you exactly what you want is our job, not that of a middle man. And we take our work (and yours!) seriously. Try us. Maybe you’ll see your next project in this space some day soon.


AKDO is esteemed in Europe for its mastery of stone for complex architectural projects, and we’ve partnered on some major specs stateside as well.

Aside from our world-renowned custom mosaic capabilities, all of these things are in our portfolio of stone skills:

  • Extra thick stone specs for exteriors and façades.
  • Custom cut shapes and sizes of stone tile and slab.
  • Custom finishes of stone.
  • Stone stair treads and landings with custom slip-resistant finish details made-to-order.
  • Multiples of custom-fabricated slabs and trim pieces for commercial and multi-unit residential projects.
  • Thin stone laminate for lightweight (plane, elevator) or backlit applications.


Our glass offerings are many, but sometimes there’s a certain color, shape or style required for a particular room or theme.

When those projects arise, we’re here for you, with custom colorations in any of our stocked shapes and sizes, custom sizes of our stocked shapes or completely custom from scratch tiles, mosaics and art. Thanks to water jet cutting technology, almost anything is possible.

Because AKDO owns our own glass production facilities, we can be very agile and responsive even to complex or time-sensitive projects.

An added bonus is our expertise. After 25 years in the tile business, we can guide your custom project and solve most every odd architectural issue. Our technical and design experts can help you create something unique that achieves your aesthetic goals and works in the particular application.