AKDO is excited to announce the newest addition to their stone-look porcelain line, Tradition Gauged Porcelain. Revolutionizing the concept of large format surface coverings, this collection offers a lightweight, maintenance-free and versatile solution while maintaining the same aesthetic beauty as natural stone.


AKDO’s smash hit, the Luminous Collection, has been extended to include more colors and patterns. A range of finishes mingles with trending geometric shapes and crisp lines to provide playfully rich textures. Luminous is a modern, marble-meets-metals collection with textural depth that will lend an inimitably personal look.


Classic in profile, distinct in finish; AKDO’s Luster line is a welcome addition to our subway tile portfolio. With a subtly iridescent glaze, this striking ceramic offers a uniquely marine aesthetic reminiscent of rolling ocean waves and glistening seashells. Pair Luster’s muted blue, soft gray and crisp white hues with a number of AKDO’s beloved marble or porcelain tiles for a cohesive, dimensional look.


After over two decades of designing, manufacturing and quarrying superior quality natural stone products in the United States, AKDO is thrilled to announce the launch of new Quartz Slabs. Manufactured in Europe using a mixture of premium crushed stone, resin and vegetable oil, our Quartz Slabs exude the same beauty and quality that our clientele has come to expect of our natural stone. The range of slabs even boasts elegant, lifelike veining that has the ability to complement a wide range of interior styles and designs.


The Immersion Collection of glass tiles and mosaics was designed by world-class architect, Jeffrey Beers, for AKDO. Influenced by Jeffrey’s passion for glass as an art form, the notion for the collection occurred organically and is centered around water, which is the element most reminiscent of glass and its purity.

Jeffrey Beers is known for his ability to create social gathering spaces with nuanced fluidity; his designs offer an immersive experience while transcending trends. Similarly, the pieces in his collection provoke an emotional response through multi-faceted geometric profiles which reflect light based on their surroundings. Additionally, the tiles may be manipulated a variety of ways, resulting in bespoke patterns with a seamless flow.


One of AKDO’s bestselling collections, Origami, has expanded to include another fan favorite material, White Haze. This creamy neutral marble offers softer veining and lends a classic touch to the otherwise contemporary geometry of the line, resulting in a unique product perfectly suited to transitional interiors and a variety of applications.


For over 25 years, AKDO has been handcrafting some of the world’s most unique mosaics. In fact, it is the love of stone and interest in product innovation that has carried the brand to its current state. Consider the Perspective Collection from AKDO the next step in this natural development; offering fresh, modern takes on traditional mosaic themes. From contemporary geometrics, to playful takes on beloved shapes, these marble and glass mosaics showcase transitional design from a new perspective.


Otherworldly style radiates from Ethereal, AKDO’s marble and metal collection of mosaics. The contemporary, geometric patterns are created using thin pieces of inlaid metal, and the result is reminiscent of brightly shining constellations. Ethereal gives you the power to bring that same light into spaces, while maintaining a customizable design aspect thanks to a variety of striking shapes ranging from intricate stars to sleek triangles. What will you dream up next?


The Faber porcelain line from AKDO embodies the genuine comfort of wood in interiors, while offering a sleeker, more streamlined appearance than ever before. The range consists of four-foot-long planks and is available in a variety of muted colorways, for a current look that maintains the beloved natural ease of hardwood.


Since its induction into AKDO’s product portfolio, Renaissance porcelain has become a surface-covering standby thanks to its bold and refined look. Showcasing patterns previously only found in the finest Italian Calacatta marble, Renaissance is a select take on natural stone in a modern and low-maintenance medium.

After such success, AKDO is introducing five new colorways in a Renaissance Extension; all of them influenced by unique and prestigious marbles. The shades include Calacatta Gold, which is inspired by its namesake stone, Charming, a mid-toned charcoal with striking movement, Impero, a pale gray with staggered veining, Marquina, a rich black with crisp veins, and Pearl, which boasts a dynamic range of gray and white linear movement. In addition to the new hues, a 24” x 24” tile has been introduced alongside the existing 12” x 24” to allow designers to create a more streamlined, luxurious feel in spaces.


The Essence Collection of waterjet glass and stone mosaics was designed for AKDO by the inimitable Interior Designer, Young Huh. The collection finds its roots in historic global patterns, but embodies au courant design by streamlining their motifs and utilizing unexpected materials and colors. At once, the line is nostalgic and energizing.

As a designer, Young is well-versed in utilizing various sources of inspiration, including art and her love of material, in order to create timeless, yet eclectic spaces. The Essence Collection’s balanced feel remains true to that signature style; taking cues from traditional terracotta tiles of diverse origins, and interpreting them with a fresh perspective.

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