A ceramic collection rich in joy and recognizable style, Fort Point is AKDO’s newest collection, designed in collaboration with Jill Rosenwald. Inspired by the Boston neighborhood where Rosenwald’s studio resides, Fort Point embodies the hustle of the city married with the soothing serene vibe of the neighboring seaport.


Using a cutting-edge printing technology, Nuvola porcelain slabs beautifully recreate the opulence and innate detail of natural stone, sure to withstand the test of time. With a 12mm thickness and the supreme durability of porcelain, Nuvola offers an affordable and lightweight design solution, ideal for countertop applications.


Bring vibrant charm to any interior with Plaza Nueva Porcelain. Designed in collaboration with Gensler, serving as product design consultant, the collection embodies the traditional look of encaustic tile in three distinctive patterns that take their cues from the neighborhoods and streets of Havana.


Transport any space to the serene settings of a forest, with Fika Porcelain. Marrying the perfect balance of simplicity and functionality, Fika brings an ultra-realistic aesthetic of natural hardwood, while offering the unmatched durability of porcelain.


AKDO is proud to introduce it’s newest collection, Sio, a porcelain collection designed in collaboration with creative powerhouse, Clodagh.

Following the enduring success of Clodagh’s debut collection of textured-stone subway tiles, Kaya, Sio continues with the alignment of Clodagh’s signature minimalistic design style and the current push towards prioritizing physical and mental well-being through interior design. The collection artfully pairs geometric shapes with earth-like tones for a harmonious and revitalized aesthetic, promoting clarity of thought and mind.


AKDO is continually looking for completely unique and statement-making porcelains, making Sonik a welcome addition to AKDO’s portfolio of porcelain field tiles. This rectified, through color porcelain has a matte finish with a touch of sheen, achieving a shiny metallic look with low slip resistance. Characterized by a luminescent surface, Sonik lends to a natural elegance married with an industrialized contemporary look, ideal for commercial settings.


A mainstay in AKDO’s offerings, Balmoral Plaid has been an enduringly popular mosaic for over 15 years, and for good reason. Balmoral Plaid is a unique blend of square pieces, creating a versatile pattern appealing to a multitude of design styles from classic farmhouse to modern contemporary. After such success, AKDO is proud to introduce three new color ways in our Balmoral Plaid mosaic; Ash Gray, Tiger Skin and Thassos (H)Sapphire Art Glass (G), Carrara (H) and Thassos(H), and Windstorm, Torrent and Carrara Bella (H).


Art glass has found a home at AKDO in our newest Collection, Beacon. Swirls of color and a lightly textured glossy surface offer a double dose of glossy texture. True to AKDO’s roots as a leader in mosaic designs, the line’s geometric patterns capitalize on the movement in the glass, creating subtle optical illusions sure to make interior designers swoon.