Quarries & Manufacturing

What the AKDO and SILKAR family can do together is more than the sum of the parts.


With the exclusive rights to numerous quarries and our own production, we are in a unique position to control the quality of our product down the to the last detail. Through our factory, we offer both comprehensive technical support and a highly trained staff of professional architects who are ready to help you with even the most challenging building requirements.


Additionally, our manufacturing standards go far beyond just aesthetics; careful attention is paid to environmentally responsible production, and Silkar’s factories are considered to be some of the best in the world. The factories have strict quality control, ensuring each product meets our customer’s expectations.  Finally, all of our offerings are designed with beauty in mind, and handmade by highly trained artisans.


Some of AKDO’s Exclusive Stones include:

Caffe Latte Dark Marble – A gentle, warm coffee and cream tone.

Dark Olive Marble – A dark gray/brown marble with some white veins.

Emperador Light Turkish Marble – A rich tan marble with delicate cream veining.

Bursa Beige – A very chic greige color.

Tawny Beige Marble – The quarry produces beautiful beige marble.

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