The natural reflectiveness of glass allows spaces to appear larger and brighter while the subtle shimmer draws the eye and adds a pop of personality. 

Create layered geometric bliss with the Aster mosaic. Showcasing diamonds that combine to form triangles that combine to make hexagons – you can get lost in the play of shapes. 

The subtle, linear starburst pattern in this glass hexagon tile can be arranged in a multitude of ways to create a personalized and captivating design ranging from Art Deco to modern. 

The most op-art pattern in the Beacon line, Evoke capitalizes upon the linear movement of the colors in the glass, giving the simple pattern surprising depth. 

An AKDO classic, this playful take on the classic chevron features glass matchsticks that bring movement and character to spaces. 

Loom, one of AKDO’s most popular patterns, now available in art glass, features stacked matchsticks adding subtle texture and dimension for an eye-catching statement. 

The varied widths of this chevron pattern add dimension and unique modern appeal to spaces.