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Introducing the Essence Collection by Young Huh


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Introducing the Essence Collection by Young Huh

If you follow her work, you’ll no doubt know that Interior Designer Young Huh is well versed in utilizing various sources of inspiration, from art to travel, when it comes to creating her eclectic, yet timelessly feminine spaces. Young Huh of Young Huh Interior…
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Perspective: The Progression of Design in Natural Stone

For over 25 years, AKDO has been handcrafting some of the world’s most unique mosaics. AKDO considers the Perspective Collection the next step in its natural progression of stone design and product innovation. From contemporary geometrics, to playful takes on beloved shapes, these marble…
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AKDO’s Motion Collection: An Architectural Solution

While AKDO offers many beautiful and unique stone products in its product portfolio, there is one new product, Motion, that stands out as an inimitable architectural solution. Motion is an innovative stone covering product that is both lightweight and flexible, and made entirely…
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Molten: Tile with 24-Karat Character

With the metallic trend gaining momentum in interiors, AKDO has been featuring variations of the shades in many tile mediums. To complement existing products in our product portfolio that utilize glimmering accents or even textured metals, AKDO has launched a collection of metal subway tiles,…
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Kaya By Clodagh: Geometry in Natural Stone

As a company that was founded on a passion for stone, AKDO is certainly no stranger to its ability to transform spaces and to yield designs with superior lasting power. Stone is different from other materials because it’s organic, and yet, it can be utilized…
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Passage: Take A Design Journey

Encaustic-look tile has become increasingly prevalent in recent years, but these innately artistic surface coverings are not new to design. For centuries around the world, encaustic cement tile has been favored for its ornate, upscale look. To celebrate the Passage Collection, AKDO’s first foray into…
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Introducing The Allure Collection Extension

In 2014, AKDO launched what would later become their all time bestselling collection. Almost three years later the Allure Collection has found its way into both editorial pages and high profile designer show houses alike. The inundation of metallic details and geometric shapes in…
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