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Arcadia Grain: Our Favorite Designs & Spaces


Arcadia is one of our wood look porcelain lines that we love due to its Scandinavian appeal and unique pattern options. One of the options in the line, Arcadia Grain, has made the rounds on social media due to its Pinterest worthy charm.  Grain’s versatile trapezoid shape is available in four colorways that can be placed in a variety of patterns and combined with each other to create unique spaces.

Read on to see some of our favorite spaces where designers got creative with Arcadia Grain:

Bathroom Backsplash:  The juxtaposition of geometry and rugged elements makes Arcadia ideal for crafting fresh spaces with functional comfort. Porcelain is resistance to stains and water, so this backsplash will stand the test of time.

Arcadia Grain Silver Pine

Kitchen Focal Point: The Grain pattern is perfect for creating a very current, yet organic chevron pattern that looks both time-worn and welcoming.

Virtue Tile and Design

Flooring: Grain’d true to life wood graphic offers the organic charm and streamlined appeal often associated with hygge, the much sought-after Scandinavian design trend. Porcelain doesn’t absorb water making it a perfect way to get a wood look in a wet area.

Rachel Stellar Interiors

Laundry Rooms: While some of you may be in the minority of people who actually like folding laundry, the rest of us need something to make the experience more enjoyable.  Arcadia Grain tiles make this workspace feel like a fun place to be.

Karen Berkemeyer Home

Exteriors: Slip resistant, hard wearing, and easy to install and maintain, Arcadia porcelain tiles add a pattern punch to outdoor spaces.

Mission Tile West


Mohawk Tile

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