Behind the Stones: Marble Slabs Sourced in the USA


imperial Danby marble slab staircase

Our stone slabs are sourced from all over the world, but two of our current marble offerings are sourced right here in the USA; Vermont to be exact!  Our Imperial Danby and Olympia White marble slabs are cut from the world’s largest underground quarry in Danby, Vermont. This quarry spans approximately 16 football fields and stretches back a mile, all on the inside of the Dorset Mountain.

truck transporting marble slabs in underground quarry

Equipment utilized to transport blocks of stone within the mountain.

Being one of the most sustainable stone options for the Northeast, Vermont Quarries Corp. does all their quarrying, slabbing, finishing of the slabs, and shipping all from within the mountain. They ship to a 500-mile radius (including major Northeastern cities such as Boston, New York and Philadelphia) and all within a matter of days, enabling project timelines not to be hindered. Considering importing stone from across seas can take weeks or months, this greatly cuts the resources required for the importing and fabrication process.

imperial Danby marble slab stone quarry

Various tools utilized in the Fantini Machine area where stone is cut from the mountain

fantini machine cutting marble slabs within underground quarry

Fantini Machine cuts stone from the mountain using water and blades

With Danby stone absorption ranking at a 0.06%-0.08% compared to other marbles ranking 0.1%-0.2%, this means Danby marble is less susceptible to staining, making it a great candidate for kitchen use and exterior builds. Danby marble has been used for many historical monuments including the US Supreme Court, Jefferson Memorial and the New York Public Library, proving this marble can stand the test of time and as a high durability!

imperial Danby marble slab gallery

Underground slab gallery consisting of Imperial Danby stone

imperial danby marble slab carried by crane

A slab of Imperial Danby marble

The Resin Line provides finishes for slabs that are near ready to be shipped out

AKDO is proud to carry two stones sourced from Vermont Quarries Corp, Imperial Danby and Olympia White. Imperial Danby is a clean, white, marble with caramel and warm gray veining, stocked in a 1 ¼” thickness, with a honed finish. Olympia White is a neutral white marble with frosty gray veining, available in a 1 ¼” thickness in a honed finish. Both options stand for an idyllic kitchen countertop (indoors or out!), as well as makes for a cozy fireplace surround.  Stop by our showroom to see our Olympia White and Imperial Danby stone offerings. Knowing how they were sourced adds to the beauty and story of your next design vision.



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