Biophilic Buzz


At the end of the year our thoughts turn to trends that will fade with last fizzles of new years fireworks, and those that will stay strong beyond the ball drop. Biophilic design is one that we expect to keep growing in importance in 2021, as people look for ways to create spaces that will help occupants to de-stress and get centered.

Those in-the-know understand that biophilic design is a movement brings nature indoors with a focus on natural and organic materials. The theory is that being surrounded by nature is inherently peaceful and therefore including natural elements into design creates tranquility.

AKDO’s foundation is firmly rooted in natural materials; we started 30 years ago only selling natural stone. Read on to see some of our favorite products for bringing a bit of nature inside.

Kaya Kardama White

Clodagh, the designer behind AKDO’s Kaya Collection, is a long-time believer in wellness being tied to natural elements making it no surprise the line she designed is so perfect for Biophilic design.

Kaya Kardama White

Luminous Rise Ash Gray

AKDO’s Luminous Collectionshowcases a range of finishes mingles with trending geometric shapes and crisp lines to provide playfully rich textures.

Luminous Rise Ash Gray

Gaja 18″ x 36″ Sand (Textured)

Manufactured in Italy, rectified, and through-color, Gaja porcelainoffers a distinctive textured look, complete with detailing that mimics the rough-split edges of cleft quartzite.

Gaja 18″ x 36″ Sand

Metropolis Vitrolles European White Oak

AKDO’s Metropolis natural wood lineis available in various natural materials from European White Oak, American Walnut and Canadian Maple to exotic wood species from South America and Africa.

Metropolis Vitrolles European White Oak

Arcadia Mill Oak

AKDO’s Arcadia Collectionfeatures diagonal lines of antiqued wood, in a gentle blend of tones, providing an organic aesthetic.

Arcadia Mill Oak


Inspired by nature, the characteristics of stone vary with distinct veining, textures, colors and shapes. AKDO’s Absolute Black Zimbabwe granite slab showcases the best of what dark stone has to offer with its rich color, yet modern, textured look.



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