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Ethereal Luna Shines in Seattle


We recently had the pleasure of speaking to Tamar Kestenbaum, the mastermind behind Sienna & Sage Interior Design, all about the inspiration of her downtown Seattle condo renovation that blew us away.

Ethereal Luna, Design: Sienna & Sage, Photo: Andrew Giammarco

Upon first seeing the Ethereal Luna Carrara Bella with Stainless Steel at Statements Tile, Tamar knew she wanted to showcase the stone mosaic in her upcoming contemporary project. “I thought it was really beautiful. I haven’t ever seen marble and metal in the same context together like this, which I though is a really unique and interesting way to use to materials together to make something very special.”

The main goal within the design process was to marry the unquestionability modern space with the client’s taste of French Country and traditional design. Tamar’s biggest challenge was layering the condo’s natural contemporary roots with the casual elegance of French country style to making the open-concept space feel like home. The stainless-steel inlay and geometric shapes within Ethereal Luna was key player in tying both styles together, bringing femininity and softness of traditional style into the space.

Ethereal Luna, Design: Sienna & Sage, Photo: Andrew Giammarco

Once the tile was chosen, the backsplash dictated the design for the rest of the kitchen. Tamar went with an easy-to-maintain nuanced quartz to match the warm undertones of the Carrara Bella marble, giving the client flexibility to rent the space if needed. Once the countertops were finalized, the barstool fabric and cabinet paint color were selected to emulate hues found within the marble of Ethereal Luna to create an overall, cohesive look. By choosing a minimal color palette, the cabinets disappeared into the backdrop of the room, giving way for the backsplash to steal the spotlight.

Overall, this perfectly serene oasis in the heart of Seattle is a great reflection of Tamar’s talent, balancing a neutral contemporary space with special details catered to the client’s taste.

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