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Color Spotlight: Emerald Green


Dreams of spring and an interior “reshuffle” often go hand-in-hand. Not only is it the perfect time to edit your home, but think of spring as the ideal opportunity to infuse your space with some much needed color. Right now, we’re loving the versatility of emerald green in interiors of all kinds; the bold, saturated hue lends spaces both elegant depth and serene vibes.

Essence by Young Huh Clarity mosaic with Emerald artglass

Perhaps the reason that this hue has maintained its popularity for centuries is directly linked with its rich symbolic history and psychological benefits. Not only does emerald green symbolize luxury and elegance, it also suggests peace, harmony, security and balance through its perceived connections to both nature and financial stability. These are also the very reasons that provoked the inimitable interior designer, Young Huh, to include it as a feature color in the Essence Collection of mosaics she designed for AKDO.

Photo Credit: Nathalie Preem via Apartment Therapy

Photo Credit: Amy Bartlam via HGTV

Photo Credit: Kate St Hill Interior Design

Yes, emerald is a bold color that may appear intimidating upon first glance, but in reality, when used alongside soft, cool tones it creates a balanced and livable space that boasts easy sophistication.

The Essence Collection by Young Huh Harmony mosaic with Emerald artglass

However, if full-on bold is for you, you may want to consider featuring this gem-like hue alongside metallic finishes and accents for a more regal look. Either way you play with this inspiring hue, it’s rich, beautiful and proven to be a timeless choice; so, how would you use this centuries-old favorite?



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