eCCo Stone Collection


The ECCO Stone Collection consists of nine collectable pieces, each of which boast a sleek stainless steel frame with beveled edges and ultra-thin AKDOLAM “Twin” stone technology. The Twin stone tops are composed of two distinct marbles which are laminated to one another; opposing Dark Olive and Calacatta White layers can be reversed depending on preference thanks to their lightweight nature.

eCCo Stone Collection

eCCo Stone Collection

Craig Copeland is a Principal at the New York office of Pelli Clarke Pelli Architects, where he has been Design Team Leader for several of New York City’s high-end commercial and luxury residential projects. Craig is an accomplished monumental stone sculptor and founder of Situcraft.


Designer: Craig Copeland

Craig’s inspiration derived from his interest in stone combined with his passion for product design. After decades of working with various stone manufacturers, he was encouraged by colleagues in the industry to design and develop his own line of furniture. His journey began in 2008 where he was invited to participate in the MMD Exhibition in Verona, Italy.

Shortly after participating in the MMD Exhibition, Craig was inspired to start Situcraft, a design studio and fabricator in Long Island City. He was in need of a stone company that developed durable, large-scale stones that were also lightweight. After a considerable amount of research, Craig was introduced to Silkar, AKDO’s sister company. Craig was impressed by Silkar’s technological advancements and the quality of their stone and knew they would be a great partner.

The biggest challenges Craig experienced when using stone to design furniture was fragility and weight. Silkar attended to these needs by producing an ideal stone product that became an integral part in furniture development. “The experience working with Silkar was fantastic. Silkar was always open to making improvements and modifications to develop a high-quality product,” Craig stated. In addition to the extraordinary service provided by Silkar, Craig was drawn to the beauty of stone and the number of finish options. He was also fascinated to hear that Silkar stone is sourced from all over the world, ensuring a largely unique selection.


eCCo Bench

Craig worked directly with Silkar to develop the ECCO Stone Collection, currently consisting of nine collectable pieces, each of which boast a sleek stainless-steel frame with beveled edges and ultra-thin AKDOLAM “Twin” stone technology. The first step in developing the collection was to develop a prototype. Considering the uniqueness of a stone and metal collection, it required comprehensive planning on all the elements of the collection from the minor details to fabrication.


eCCo Cappuccino

Craig started by creating the initial, finessing until they generated the final product. It took a total of 5 visits to amplify and augment the overall design of the collection with the first visit being dedicated to learning more about Silkar, their products and capabilities.

The ECCO Stone Collection is an elegant, lightweight luxury stone furniture line that is easy to transport and assemble. To learn more about the eCCo Stone Collection, visit www.akdo.com/materials/furniture/ecco/



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