The ECCO Stone Collection is a luxury furniture line designed by the visionary architect, Craig Copeland, for AKDO. The name ECCO means “here now” in Latin, referencing the very ‘au courant’ design of the products, while also eluding to their eco-friendly design and easy-to-assemble elements.



The ECCO Stone Collection consists of nine collectable pieces, each of which boast a sleek stainless steel frame with beveled edges and ultra-thin AKDOLAM “Twin” stone technology. The Twin stone tops are composed of two distinct marbles which are laminated to one another; opposing Dark Olive and Calacatta White layers can be reversed depending on preference thanks to their lightweight nature.


A primary piece in the ECCO Stone Collection, the two-tiered Cappuccino table offers a completely individual take on the classic coffee table. Not only do the tiers provide discreet locations for the placement of sometimes-unsightly personal belongings, they also result in a layered, dynamic look that brings an enriched sense of variation to design. With its softly curving marble top and beveled framing, the Cappuccino incorporates the distinguishing details of the ECCO Stone Collection, proving an essential furnishing in both commercial lounge and residential living applications.


The beauty of the “Twin” stone technology is elegantly illustrated in the Dining table designed by Craig Copeland. With two tiers of sinuously-edged 1 cm AKDOLAM Twin marble, the sleek, yet substantial profile of the Dining table creates an inimitable look in both residential and commercial spaces. The beveled stainless steel frame adds a modern touch the table’s overall look, successfully earning it the title of “centerpiece” in the ECCO Stone Collection.


The Bench is a piece steeped in versatility; it can be used in an array of luxuriously-outfitted spaces including hotels, restaurants, offices and residential interiors. With one single tier, the Bench’s profile is streamlined, allowing the top to be reversed with ease as preference and design moods alter. Whether used as seating, or as a slim coffee table in areas where space is limited, the Bench suggests sophistication by showcasing the aesthetic appeal of natural stone.


The Shelf combines three distinct levels of striking AKDOLAM Twin marble and a linear stainless steel frame to create a modern marvel in furniture. The elongated pieces of Calacatta and Dark Olive marble provide ample surface area upon which to display keepsake items in both residential and commercial spaces, alike. Reverse just one piece of stone, or reverse them all for a bespoke result that pairs seamlessly with any decor.


Light up any space with the ECCO Stone Collection Pendant; an eye-catching interpretation on the ever-popular and essential light fixture. The translucent shade is crafted from AKDOLAM Twin marble and is suspended from two bronzed stainless steel posts and sleek ceiling cover, resulting in an authentic element of luxury wherever it’s featured.


Each of the ECCO Collection’s nine collectable pieces are etched with the designer’s signature, AKDO’s logo, unique numerical identifier and associated letter of authenticity. Use the furnishings on their own for a subtle statement, or collect them all to create an elevated, yet sleek space.


Craig Copeland is a Principal at the New York office of Pelli Clarke Pelli Architects, where he has been Design Team Leader for several of New York City’s high-end commercial and luxury residential projects, including Brookfield Place, the Visionaire and the Centrale. Mr. Copeland is an accomplished monumental stone sculptor and founder of Situcraft, a design studio and fabricator in Long Island City. Craig received a Master of Architecture from Yale University and a Bachelor of Arts from the University of Florida. He was also Fulbright Scholar and Visiting Artist at the American Academy in Rome.