Embrace Your Inner Coastal Grandmother with Tile


Taking the internet by storm, the term Coastal Grandmother has been a viral trend circulating the fashion industry, and even more recently, filtrating into the interior design world. The term coined by TikToker Lexi Nicoleta, describes a beachy, chic, aesthetic – think Nancy Meyers picturesque film sets, Ina Garten’s soothing and comforting recipes, and Martha Stewarts’ timelessly classic style.

When it comes to interiors, coastal grandmother style alludes to a cozy and homey space with a subtly of luxury. The goal is to feel as though it was decorated by your stylish grandmother in Martha’s Vineyard, oozing with decades of good taste and sophistication. Coastal grandmother interiors include antique finds, odes to the nautical elements (but not overtly beachy), plenty of cozy throws and pillows and natural light.

It is important to remember you don’t have to be anything close to a grandmother or near the coast to follow this trend in design – read on for ways to exemplify Coastal Grandmother chic when choosing tile.

Understated Luxury

The key behind this interior design style is to emulate a lifestyle of laid-back living, with a subtle nod to luxurious elements. There is no better way to take a luxurious approach to design than incorporating natural stone and marble into your space. Try using a neutral, honed marble tile or mosaic such as Calacatta or White Haze, to achieve this look.

Blue and White and Neutral All Over

Drawing inspiration from the color’s indicative of a coastal environment, seafoam ocean blues, clear skies, and the warmth of sand; all aid to creating a bright and airy, inviting coastal grandmother space. Intersperse soft blues by using Fog art glass or Harbor ceramic on a kitchen backsplash, Icelandic Blue glass in a bathroom, or experimenting with colored cabinets.

Natural Wood Elements

Incorporate the traditional look of natural wood in your coastal grandmother design, adding a sense of warmth and comfort with an air of elegance. Using a lighter toned or raw wood stain will create the brightness and airy aesthetic you are looking to achieve. Explore AKDO’s wood-look porcelain and hardwood offerings to lay this style’s foundation.


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