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6 Ways AKDO’s Essential Stone Makes Designing Easy


  1. Variety of Colors

AKDO’s Essential Stone Collection is available in 10 neutral colors ranging from bright, white Thassos to a sophisticated, dark gray Ombra. Classic colorways such as Calacatta, Carrara and Carrara Bella are also available in trim, tiles and mosaics.

Ivy Calacatta

Digs Design Group – Ivy Calacatta

  1. Classic Patterns

The Essential Stone Collection is comprised of our most admired mosaic patterns ranging from the striking Ivy pattern, a cascade of elongated hexagons and Nami, an irregular-width chevron pattern, to the classic Herringbone, Hexagon, and Basket Weave patterns.

Ash Gray Nami

Alexis Marie Interiors – Ash Gray Nami

  1. Natural Stone

The earth-inspired aesthetic of natural stone brings an understated sophistication to any space thanks to its unique grains, and veining. The natural stones featured in the Essential Collection include marble, undoubtedly one of nature’s most luxurious materials, and limestone, which is formed in the depths of the ocean, boasting a unique, natural beauty.

Ivy Ombra

Ivy Ombra

  1. Complementing Materials

The Essential Stone Collection includes all the necessary pieces to complete a project, from trim, tiles and mosaics. Style any space around one of the 10 featured colorways or mix and match colors and patterns to create a look that inspires. Each color in the collection complements each other, allowing personalization of any space.

Ash Gray Nami

Tiled Interiors – Ash Gray Nami

  1. Application Areas

All of the stones in the collection can be used on the interior wall and floor, offering an extensive selection of colors and patterns to choose from when designing a space. All of our marble stones can be used in wet areas or steam showers (when sealed properly), allowing flexibility when designing bathroom, kitchen, and bar areas.

Nami White Sand

Nami White Sand

  1. Project Types

AKDO’s Essential stones complement distinctive, contemporary or traditional aesthetics and can be used in all interior spaces from kitchens and bathrooms, to lobbies and bars. With limitless size, pattern, and color options, our natural stones are the perfect fit for any commercial or residential project.



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