Trending: Granny Chic


Granny chic décor is having a moment. Incorporating a mix of country-cottage, bohemian and mid-century style, granny chic décor is an exciting fusion of modern and traditional flair. Fueled by a renewed interest in vintage, granny chic is full of whimsy, featuring botanical motifs, bold graphic patterns, and a mix of neutral and bright colors.

AKDO offers mosaics and tiles that evoke an upbeat spin on traditional pieces. We’ve compiled a list of our favorite products that fit the nostalgic design aesthetic of granny chic décor.

Passage Revival White (M)


Essence Whimsy Sapphire Art Glass w/ Calacatta


Heritage Hexagon Highland Pattern


Sublime Bouquet Azurite w/ Talc and Ink Artglass

Embracing clashing patterns and colorways adds an unexpected aesthetic that beams personality and brings spaces to life. Granny chic pays homage to the old-world aesthetic with a refreshing, modern twist.