Introducing AKDO Luminous: Distinctively Modern Classics


Luminous Ray in Thassos Silver

Luminous Ray in Carrara

Join us in welcoming our newest marble mosaic collection, Luminous, a fashion forward foray into marble mosaics that gives fan favorite luxury materials a distinguished charm. The collection is best described as rich, radiant, and refined; but what are the elements of the collection’s design that make it such?

The Luminous collection plays with a range of shapes and textures to provide a richness and depth like nothing else. The team at AKDO wanted to create something that was all at once inimitable, fresh, and yet, timeless.

Luminous Beam Calacatta

Luminous Beam in Calacatta

In order to achieve just that, nuanced pops of metallic were added to the predominately clean white palette. Luminous is comprised of all mosaics, and uses distressed foil accents and combed finishes to add an exquisite contrast to the collection’s classic marble design and modern geometric shapes. Each pattern is unique on its own, and one was even designed to allow for unique arrangement, and therefore, an array of additional custom patterns.

Each of the collection’s three patterns was inspired by popular patterns and the different effect of natural light. Daybreak is a spin on the trending hexagon shape, and features combed texture to create the subtle optical illusion of hazy morning sunlight. Ray utilizes combed and honed textures, with polished or metallic accents to elevate the beloved chevron pattern. Lastly, Beam is reminiscent of streams of sunlight, and can be rearranged to create several patterns.

Beam arranged in

Beam arranged in 4 different patterns, including Chevron, Burst, Square and Diagonal Stripe

Each of the patterns is available in four colorways; Carrara, Calacatta, Calacatta with Gold Metal Foil, and Thassos with Silver Metal Foil. The collection is suitable for use in both commercial and residential applications; however, metallics are not recommended for use on floors.

Luminous Daybreak in Thassos Silver

Luminous Daybreak in Thassos Silver

Additionally, metallics are currently a force to be reckoned within the design world. Not only do they maintain an old-world class, but they also illuminate spaces and add visual depth wherever they are featured. Notice how the light plays on the combed surface of Luminous Daybreak in Thassos Silver above.

Matthew Quinn’s Kitchen of the Year for House Beautiful featuring AKDO Luminous in Beam Calacatta Gold

Matthew Quinn’s Kitchen of the Year for House Beautiful featuring AKDO Luminous in Beam Calacatta Gold

The Luminous Collection’s many unique characteristics make it the perfect choice for those who want to bring a personalized touch and to their spaces, while allowing designers the creative freedom to design a space their way. House Beautiful’s Kitchen of the Year designer, Matthew Quinn, notes, “There is no other tile collection that is as elegant, textural, reflective and functional as this Luminous Collection.  I knew I wanted an entire wall of tile that did not overpower the room with pattern, yet created texture and sparkle without being so shiny that it was difficult to maintain.  I chose to install the tile horizontally and I love how the mixture of the matte and glossy tiles create movement.  In this kitchen the tiles reflected the light and colors around them making them look silver in the morning and more brass and bronze later in the day.”  

Luminous Daybreak in Thassos Silver

Luminous Daybreak in Thassos Silver



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