Kaya By Clodagh: Geometry in Natural Stone


As a company that was founded on a passion for stone, AKDO is certainly no stranger to its ability to transform spaces and to yield designs with superior lasting power. Stone is different from other materials because it’s organic, and yet, it can be utilized in so many interesting ways through mechanical manipulation. This is precisely why this natural surface covering never goes out of style.

Currently, one of the most popular trends in stone is to apply textures to its surface, which highlights different qualities of its physical beauty that go unnoticed in typical honed or polished stone. Recently, AKDO collaborated with renowned interior designer, Clodagh, on a collection of textured stone subway tiles and mosaics called Kaya. The Kaya Collection was inspired by Clodagh’s signature style of “life enhancing minimalism”, and by her belief that “everywhere you walk, and everywhere you look, you should see something beautiful.”

Kaya by Clodagh Azan in Brown

Mixed with her sleek, minimalist designs, the luxurious, eroded stones create tone-on-tone contrast, resulting in a look that’s entirely original and that showcases “the heart of the stone.” While the Kaya collection utilizes just two different colored marbles, the range in textures has changed the stone’s coloration to create a range of hues, especially dramatic with the darker stone.

For example, with traditional honed and polished finishes, AKDO’s Dark Olive would appear a dark brown. In the Kaya Collection, Dark Olive’s hue has been altered to varying shades of suede or gray. She notes, “The interesting thing about these colors is that you can actually create high contrast, or very low contrast depending on the emotions you want to provoke in the place where you are installing them.”

Kaya by Clodagh Aupala in Brown. Click the image to see AKDO’s interview with Clodagh.

Additionally, when creating her collection for AKDO, Clodagh wanted to produce something that also gave designers and homeowners the option to play with design. The designer states, “There’s a sense of organization in the tiles that’s very calming. It’s really about playing with geometry, but keeping it minimalist. We use interesting geometry in the tiles because it allows people to make their own patterns.”

Kaya Kardama in White

Thanks to the Kaya Collection by Clodagh, designing authentic spaces has become easier than ever. Find out more about the product range here!



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