Mad for Balmoral Plaid: One Mosaic, Three Ways


Balmoral Plaid Sapphire (G) Art Glass Carrara (H), Thassos (H)

A mainstay in AKDO’s offerings, Balmoral Plaid has been an enduringly popular mosaic for over 15 years, and for good reason. A pattern most found in fashion textiles, plaid remains an important element in design, adding texture and dimension to any space it’s featured.

A mosaic sheet containing a unique blend of tiny square pieces, Balmoral plaid can appeal to a multitude of design styles from classic farmhouse to modern contemporary. With the ability to create your own custom version of the pattern beyond the in-stock colorways, Balmoral Plaid allows for the ultimate personalization, catering to a wide-range of design tastes.

The versatility of this mosaic also lends to the fact that it can be rearranged for multiple orientations, completely transforming the overall look of the mosaic and dictating the design direction of the room.

Here are a few of our favorite ways lay this showstopping mosaic and invite plaid into your space.

Traditional Straight Lay

The most classic way to honor the traditional pattern, the straight lay is the perfect way to evoke nostalgia with plaid. Use Balmoral Plaid Windstorm, Torrent and Carrara Bella (H) on an accent wall for an eat-in kitchen, creating a subtle and cozy modern farmhouse look. For a more modern take, use Balmoral Plaid for a tiled entryway stair risers – an impactful way to create a first impression and greet your guests with visual interest.

Balmoral Plaid Windstorm, Torrent, Carrara Bella (H)

CATCH Steak, Design: Rockwell Group

Balmoral Plaid Silver Stone, Dark Olive, Ephesus Dune (H), Design: Wiseman & Gale Interiors


Diagonal Lay

One of the most popular ways to use Balmoral Plaid, is on a diagonal orientation, creating an unexpected play on the traditional pattern.  Use this mosaic diagonally on a feature wall or backsplash to add depth and dimension with a stylish impact.

Balmoral Ash Gray, Tiger Skin, Thassos (H)

Balmoral Plaid Silver Stone, Dark Olive, Ephesus Dune (H), Design: Wiseman & Gale Interiors

AKDO NYC Flagship Showroom

Balmoral Plaid Silver Stone, Dark Olive, Ephesus Dune (H), Design: A List Interiors, Photo: Emily Gilbert

Large Plaid  

Each sheet of Balmoral Plaid mosaic can be rotated on a 90-degree angle to create a larger scale plaid pattern. Experiment with the scale of the plaid to see how it interplays with other elements of the room.

Design: A Sadowski Designs

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