More is More: Maximalism in Hospitality Design


Maximalism in Hospitality Design. Restaurant Design. Commercial Design.

Heritage Hexagon Blend, Danlu Restaurant (Philadelphia, PA), Design: Jeffrey Beers International

While Summer 2021 is approaching, Americans are filling up their social calendar with pre-pandemic norms. The hospitality industry that was deeply affected in 2020, is anticipating an uptick in business, as vaccinations become widely distributed and the public is looking to quench their wanderlust desires.

After a year of lock-down, society is craving excitement, and longing to experience adventure after being confined to their own personal spaces. Conde Nast Traveler, just recently published a story speculating this excitement pouring into hospitality design with a maximalist perspective.

With a more-is-more approach, Maximalism is all about blending multiple design styles into one, mixing colors, patterns and textures resulting in a melodramatic, eccentric space. In exact opposition to minimalism, maximalism encourages the idea of excess in a curated form, creating a bold interior with unforgettable, visual stimulation.

Here are a few of our favorite maximalist commercial projects using AKDO’s offerings.

Maximalism in Hospitality Design. Hotel Design. NY Palace Hotel. Champagne Suite.

New York Palace Hotel Champagne Suite, Design: HOK Architects

A 3-D Brick Mosaic brings a dose of industrial character, juxtaposed with the lustrous, glamour of the hanging chandelier. Anchoring the space is a graphic mural with a bold pattern, tying in yet another element of design.

Maximalism in Hospitality Design. Restaurant Design. Commercial Design. Modern Interior.

Heritage Hexagon Blend, Danlu Restaurant (Philadelphia, PA), Design: Jeffrey Beers International

The Danlu restaurant (Philadelphia, PA) embraces maximalism style with repetitive patterns found in the ceiling, guard rail and wall murals. Bright colors in the artwork combined with the patterns of blending Heritage Porcelain on the floor, draws the eye into sensory overload as it traces the room.

 Bar Design. Gold Walls. Metallic Tile.

Luminous Beam, The Piermont (Babylon, NY), Photo: Marco Ricca

This bar at The Piermont (Babylon, NY) has an instant wow-factor with the mixing of textures and elaborate, scintillating elements. The textured accent wall blended with the sleek bar top along with the added dimension of a Luminous Ray backsplash is overflowing with eclectic energy.

Maximalism in Hospitality Design. Restaurant Design. Black Polished Tile Floor.

Mantra 24″x 48″ Black (P), DIFFA by Design, Design: Jeffrey Beers International

Unique hanging lamps and contrasting floral arrangements combine in this installation by Jeffrey Beers, drenched in rich, bold color.

Whether you choose to believe less-is-more or more-is-more, AKDO can appreciate the beauty in each design style and is here to provide solutions for both ends of the spectrum.



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