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Project Spotlight: 12 Hockanum Rd


Susan Vanech of Susan Vanech Properties

Susan Vanech, Susan Vanech Properties

Welcome to 12 Hockanum Road, an exquisite home meticulously renovated by the visionary team at Susan Vanech Properties. In this immersive journey, we invite you to explore the beauty of this Westport, Connecticut home — with a particular focus on the enchanting AKDO tile and mosaics that grace its interiors.

The award-winning Susan Vanech Properties team takes unexpected to the next level with explosions of color, texture, and technology never before presented! The dynamic design of the home offers an ease of flow from kitchen to dining to living. The home features five bedrooms and six bathrooms with elevated finishes throughout. This re-imagined modern ranch feels like a dream come genuine custom build.

A Showstopper in the Kitchen

Prepare to be captivated by the heart of the home, the kitchen, adorned with the breathtaking Botanicus Bloom Sapphire (G) Art Glass. This masterpiece from the Botanicus collection, crafted by the renowned designer Allison Eden, seamlessly harmonizes with the surrounding elements while commanding attention as a captivating centerpiece. It’s a custom-look element that promises to set this project apart from all others on the market.

Designer Susan Vanech shared her deep connection with this exceptional art glass mosaic, saying, “The moment that I saw this tile, I felt a connection to it — it didn’t look like anything else I’ve seen before. The Allison Eden Botanicus line is probably the most stunning tile I’ve ever incorporated.”

The collection introduces a dramatic flair in this serene kitchen space, infusing wildflowers into an otherwise tranquil setting. The warm tones, metals, and natural wood accents are complemented by an explosion of color within the mosaics. The Botanicus collection brings life, color, and fun into the space, transforming the kitchen into a work of art. 

A Symphony of Marble in the Primary Suite

Stepping into the primary suite, you are immediately enchanted by the Pose Poli Lilac (H) marble. This captivating stone graces the walls, flooring, shower, and niche in the primary bathroom, infusing the space with a harmonious blend of color and tranquility.

The lilac marble mosaic effortlessly adapts to any color palette you choose, and the delicate lilac hues beautifully complement the soft gold brass hardware in the space. Opting for glass panels creates an open-concept ambiance, ensuring the marble remains the star of the show. Pairing this lilac marble with deep, rich cabinetry brings out the mosaic’s depth and dimension, adding an extra layer of sophistication to the space.

Designer Susan Vanech revealed her initial concept: “My original concept was to take the lilac marble and have it come across the floor and up the back wall. As I was standing in the space where inspiration often hits, I decided to wrap this entire corner.” This impeccable choice turned this shower into a breathtaking focal point. 

A Modern Twist on Old-World Elegance

The Passage Evolution White (M) tile adds a touch of old-world charm with a modern twist. Emulating the appearance of encaustic cement tiles, it exudes timeless elegance in a low-maintenance medium. These white porcelain tiles are adorned with a captivating matte finish and delicate shades of light and dark gray. 

Passage Evolution White is a soothing backdrop behind bathroom mirrors, transforming the shower into a serene sanctuary and creating an elegant, functional niche. They exude enduring elegance while offering easy maintenance, making them a standout feature that elevates the entire bathroom experience at 12 Hockanum Road.

Luxury in Every Detail

Concluding our sensory exploration, we introduce the Nami Carrara (H), a luxurious white and gray-honed marble mosaic gracing the shower floor and bathroom wall. This exquisite choice is a smaller tile that requires more grout, enhancing the waterproofing and sealing of shower floors. The Nami Carrara (H) marble is a testament to aesthetic and functional excellence, elevating the shower experience to timeless sophistication and practicality.

12 Hockanum Road is more than just a renovated home; it’s a masterpiece of design and craftsmanship by Susan Vanech Properties. With AKDO tiles and mosaics beautifully featured throughout, this home is a testament to the boundless creativity and attention to detail that define this remarkable team’s work. Explore it, experience it, and let it inspire your design dreams.


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