Spice up Your Subway Tile with These Grout Ideas & Trends


Blue Subway Tile Kitchen Backsplash Thick Grout Lines

Essential Ceramic 3″ x 6″ Maritime (G)

Just when you find yourself fatigued over classic white subway tile, we have found yet another way this backsplash material can reinvent itself. While choosing tile may be a difficult part in the design process, sometimes choosing grout can be even harder, with the endless grout options available and emerging trends. Ceramic subway tile is the perfect opportunity to play and have fun with grout. The simplicity of the tile allows for the grout to completely transform the look to fit just about any kitchen or bath design style.

Read on for four ways to elevate your tile installation with grout.

Add Life to a Neutral Tile with Color

Beige Ceramic Subway Tile Kitchen Backsplash

Essential Ceramic 2″ x 8″ Mushroom (G)

Ditch the standard white or gray grout choices and experiment with the endless colors available in the world of grout – including metallic or glitter! Playing with a pop of grout color on a standard neutral tile can add liveliness and a serendipitous element to an otherwise mundane space. Additionally, if the tile has a glossy finish, a colorful grout may even reflect in the tile, depending on the light of day, adding a subtle tint or hue.

Go Tonal

Gray Ceramic Subway Tile Kitchen Backsplash

Origin 10 1/2″ x 2 1/2″ Misty Gray (M), Design: Interiors by Design, Photo: Tim Tiebout

In contrast to adding color, a tonal grout and tile pairing is a subtle design choice that lets the tile steal the spotlight and become the focus of an area. Matching the grout color to the tile, especially when using a colored tile (like the soft gray blue of Essential Ceramic Misty Gray, shown above), leading the eye to the tile texture and layout, as opposed to being distracted by any grout lines. When using a tonal grout, stray away from a traditional brick or running bond layout and try configuring a vertical stack or herringbone pattern to modernize your look.

Thick Grout Joints

Beige Ceramic Subway Tile Bathroom Backsplash Thick Grout Joints

Essential Ceramic 3″ x 6″ Mushroom (G)

A newer trend on the scene, and unrelated to color, thick grout lines are a sure way to make a statement in a purposeful way. This application process is a definite time investment as you will need to allot for support boards and longer drying times, however, thick grout lines are worth the wait, resulting in progressive space with a major wow factor. Bring this trend to the next level by experimenting using thick and thin grout lines for an accent wall, like pictured above.

Amp up the Contrast

White Ceramic Subway Tile Black Grout Bathroom Installation

Essential Ceramic 3″ x 6″ Cloud (G), Design: Gingerwood Design

Create depth and dimension by pairing a dark grout with a lighter tile. Not only will this add warmth to a white tile, but a dark grout is also easier to keep clean and will disguise stains – a key perk for kitchen backsplashes. Alternately, pairing a dark tile with a white grout will have the same visual effect, accentuating the grout over the tile (while keep in mind, white grout does have staining potential).

All in all, grout choices should not be a descision to overlook. A tile installation can be completely dependent on the grout color and joint you choose. Need help choosing what grout to pair with your AKDO product? We are here! Contact us here and we will be happy to make some recommendations.


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