The Best of Both Worlds with Porcelain Slabs


Nuvola Calacatta Gold (P) Slab

A strong and growing trend, large format coverings appear to be gaining fast traction within the year, and something we expect to see well into 2022. More specifically, porcelain in the form of slabs is a popular design choice, serving as the ultimate solution to achieve an ultra-modern look that’s both statement worthy with minimal maintenance.

Nuvola Ultra White Slabs (Matte and Polished)

Thanks to cutting-edge printing technology, porcelain slabs have come a long way since they were first introduced on the scene, now with the ability to beautifully emulate almost any natural material imaginable – including marble, granite, or wood. As a highly durable, non-porous surface, porcelain slabs have become one of the top trending kitchen countertop materials in the market today.

AKDO is proud to have recently launched the newest addition to our slab gallery Nuvola, a porcelain slab collection replicating the opulence and innate beauty of natural stone, with the supreme durability of porcelain. Manufactured in an oversized 63” x 126” dimension with 12mm thickness and book matching options, Nuvola offers a lightweight, affordable, and low maintenance design choice, perfect for countertops in interior spaces as well as outdoors.

Nuvola Dolomite (M) Slab

Read on for a few of the many benefits for installing porcelain countertops in your space.

UV and Frost Resistant

Porcelain is an extremely dense material, resulting in a low water absorption rate. When used outside and in colder climates, porcelain holds up exceptionally well during freeze-thaw cycles.

Additionality, because of the density and high durability, porcelain slabs are UV-resistant, meaning they will not fade or change color when installed in places that permanently receive direct sunlight. Hello to your new outdoor kitchen!

Stain Resistant

The low porosity of porcelain allows for the material to resist from absorbing liquids, resulting in a surface that comes close to being 100% stain-proof. In the rare instance of a stain, the stain will not penetrate below the surface and can be easily cleaned off.

Heat Resistant

During the manufacturing process, porcelain is fired in the kiln at a temperature upwards of 1000 degrees Fahrenheit. When using porcelain on countertops, say goodbye to the worry of resting a hot pot, pan or even curling iron straight on the surface.

Chemical Resistant

Acidic foods, drinks or cleaning supplies will not etch or dull the surface, sustaining harsh cleaning products, and the everyday wears of food prep.


A lightweight solution compared to natural stone slabs, porcelain slabs are easier to transport, and because of the lighter weight, you most likely will not have to reinforce your existing countertops before installing.

Nuvola Statuary (P) Slab

All in all, porcelain slabs are an easy choice to use in your next countertop installation. In addition to countertops, porcelain slabs provide a seamless visual for backsplashes, hood ranges, fireplace surrounds, showers, and even as furniture.

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