The Origami Collection Extension


One of AKDO’s bestselling collections, Origami, has expanded to include another fan-favorite material, White Haze. AKDO’s Origami Collection is comprised of marble, expertly cut so that the veining on each piece aligns with the next to create a dynamic folding illusion.

Origami Burokku White Haze

Taking inspiration from the ancient Japanese art form of paper folding and the 3-D shapes it produces, AKDO’s Origami Collection fuses geometry and nature. Mesmerizing chevron, hexagon and block mosaics in the Origami line are made from a variety of luxury marbles with both soothing and statement-making color palettes. These cool gray, soft brown and creamy-hued marbles are expertly cut, allowing their linear movement to shine for a mesmerizing design.

Origami Zebra as seen in House Beautiful’s Kitchen of the Year 2016 (design by Matthew Quinn)

Now, the addition of White Haze, a pale creamy marble, offers the otherwise contemporary geometry of the existing collection a classic neutral touch thanks to subtler veining, resulting in a unique product perfectly suited to transitional interiors and a variety of applications. The Origami patterns now available in White Haze include Burokku, Hoshi, Massugu, and Nami.

Where would you use these new additions?