Daring Design: Teal Tile


Trend forecasters from top Shelter magazines have predicted the resurgence of rich jewel tones and bold colors for interiors in the coming months. This movement can be attributed to fact that bespoke looks have become so prevalent in high end interior and hospitality design. Mixing neutrals with daring pops of color, and even designing solely with brights can create a much more personalized style in the home.


Essential Ceramic in Tidal, Impressions by Matthew Quinn Hammered in Tidal, and Impressions by Matthew Quinn Minimalist Liner in Gold

While many vibrant colors have been trend-spotted in recent months, we predict that teal will stand out as one of the most popular in interior design. The color itself is available in many different shades, and can range from a deep jewel-like bluish green hue, to a much paler gray-toned color. There is something for everyone in this color family. Whether you’re a fan of an intense pop of color or desire a more muted palette, and whether your interior tastes lean modern or more transitional, teal can be used seamlessly. While bold, the color harkens back to nature and water, making it pleasing to the eye and more soothing than other bright tones.

AKDO is diving into this burgeoning trend, featuring shades of teal in many tile mediums. First, there is the new addition to our Essential Ceramic line, Tidal. This shade is a vibrant jewel-toned teal is reminiscent of rolling waves in the midst of a moody sea.

Essential Ceramic in Tidal, Impressions by Matthew Quinn Hammered in Tidal, and Impressions by Matthew Quinn Minimalist Liner in Gold

One of our newest lines, Impressions, was created in collaboration with world-renowned designer, Matthew Quinn and is also available in the same shade, Tidal. In Matthew’s line, Tidal’s bold tone is given a dose of textural depth thanks to its wavy, indented surface. Teal is a signature color for Matthew, reminding him of the ocean water that surrounded his boyhood home.

Lagoon Glass Herringbone

Our Essential Glass line also utilizes the trending tones of teal with its Lagoon colorway. The translucent glass allows light to bounce off the deep color of the backing, creating a dynamic tone that changes throughout the day in a chameleon manner, sometimes looking bright and cheerful, and other times feeling soulful and moody.

24” x 24” Nomad Turchese

Additionally, one of our porcelain collections, Nomad, offers a beautiful bright medium-toned teal shade called Turchese. The woven appearance of the surface combined with the worn-in color is perfect for creating a vintage, eclectic look.

Bouquet Azul Small Tile

Sublime Bouquet in Azurite Art Glass

Finally, our new Sublime Collection includes Azurite, a beautifully bold, marbled teal shade that harkens the artistic qualities of stained glass. This is the perfect example of how teal can be used to create a striking feature wall.

With so many teal options to choose from, designers are able to create their own signature teal trend look in any tiled area.  Will you dive into the trend?




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