Mosaics as Borders: Create Sophisticated, Customized Looks Easily


Adding custom elements to your design can seem quite a daunting undertaking. How do you add bespoke details without adding significant cost to a project?  Luckily, there are unique techniques that you can use to create designer details without exceeding the budget on your project. One of our favorite ways to do this it to get creative with mosaics by converting them into decorative borders.

Many of our most popular field mosaics, including, but not limited to, Heavy Rain, Stagger, Vision and 1×6 Brick, can easily be cut into strips that can be used as borders or accent stripes. The resulting look is clean and crisp, lending a transitional touch, and look equally nice in either contrasting or complimenting tones.

AKDO Heavy Rain Calacatta with Brick Taupe Glass Mosaic border

AKDO Heavy Rain Calacatta and Brick Taupe Glass Mosaic border

In the image above, notice how the linear shapes of AKDO’s Heavy Rain and Taupe Glass perfectly complement the natural flow of Calacatta, creating the illusion of movement on the walls. The Taupe Glass mosaic has also been used as a bespoke accent to separate the space and add visual depth.

Brick Chocolate Clear

AKDO’s Chocolate Glass mosaic tiles are utilized in this transitional kitchen to create striking contrast against the Silverstone backsplash, modernizing an otherwise traditional backsplash.

Vision Thassos mosaic with Narrow Liner

Non-linear mosaics can also be used as decorative borders. In this clean and serene bath design, dimensional stone liners were combined with a Vision Thassos mosaic border, resulting in a contemporary interpretation of a chair rail. The layering of tone-on-tone whites delivers a textured, upscale look.

Eternity Imperial Palmetto used as a border

A 6” strip of AKDO’s classic Imperial Mosaic in Bursa Beige is used on the floor to define the area in front of the tub. The “rug” created with the contrasting tile and the mosaic border offers a timeless, traditional appeal.

Lace Tulip Border Carrara & Thassos

AKDO also offers mosaics that are ready to be used as borders, such as the Lace Tulip Border. This fashion-inspired pattern can be used to highlight an area such as a backsplash, bathroom floor, or even an entryway.

How would you utilize mosaics as borders in your favorite spaces?



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