Stunning Fireplace Surround


The focal point of a living room, fireplaces are the perfect way to add an instant cozy ambiance to your home. Beyond functionality, there is a way to make the fireplace serve a decorative purpose beyond the months it is in use – making a statement with decorative tile. Realtor, Sherry Wolfe, incorporated the newest AKDO pattern in the admired Excalibur mosaic line, Joust, into a stunning wrapped fireplace in her Tampa, Florida home.

Sherry Wolfe

With a multi-faceted surface softly catching the light at every angle, the Excalibur Joust adds depth and dimension while offsetting the dark colors of her mid-century modern home. The lustrous metallic tone of the tile easily incorporates the gold lighting fixtures and decorative accents throughout the room, perfectly capturing the essence of Sherry’s vision.

Sherry Wolfe

“I knew I had to have it,” Sherry exclaimed upon first seeing the Excalibur mosaic. With the ease of in­stalling the tile in mosaic sheets as well as the unique 3-D effect, Sherry was able to achieve the cus­tom metal surround look she was initially seeking, all while being cost-effective.

Sherry Wolfe

With the help of installer, Schoeman Construction, the mosaic was successfully wrapped using a gold Schlueter achieving a seamless, streamlined look throughout the surround. Once completed, Sherry could not be more pleased with her choice to go bold and use the Excalibur Joust, creating a truly jaw-dropping fireplace feature.

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