The Ideal Flooring for Commercial Projects


Wood-look porcelain tile has proven to be the go-to material for home renovations and for good reason. Emulating the rustic beauty of natural hardwood, wood-look tile is not only aesthetically striking, but also has technical properties that make it an easy choice for commercial settings.

Mid Century Modern Bar ALTO at the MC Hotel Montclair NJ Wood Look Porcelain Floor

Mansion 30″x30″ Library (M), ALTO Bar at the MC Hotel (Montclair, NJ)


When specifying material for a commercial project, one of the most important factors is using products that fit within a budget. In comparison to natural stone and hardwood, wood-look porcelain is an affordable and cost-effective choice. Tackle large surface coverings for less with just as much visual impact with a wood-look tile.

Wood Look Porcelain Light Plank Matte Yoga Studio Floor

Fika 8″x48″ Glacier (M)

Durable and Moisture-Resistant

Enjoy the look of wood in the busiest hotel lobby, a bustling restaurant and even a crowded bar with wood-look porcelain. Because of its extreme density, porcelain is resistant to the heavy stresses that come with high-traffic commercial environments such as scratches and staining. Porcelain also holds up to water and moisture remarkably well, resulting in minimal warping, cracking, or expanding – dare we say it’s the perfect material for a bikram yoga studio?

Wood Look Porcelain Lobby Floor Parquet Look Tile

Mansion 30″x30″ Lounge (M)

Low Maintenance

After installation, porcelain tile requires little maintenance, removing the requirement to seal or resurface. Along with its high durability, wood-look porcelain is an ease to clean, which can be swept or mopped with just water, but also withstand harsh cleaning chemicals. Present a hotel lobby with a clean and well-kept look with this preferred flooring material, all while saving time and cost with cleaning staff.

Wood Look Porcelain Plank Floor Restaurant

9” X 36” Etic Rovere Grigio


Aside from the obvious statement – no trees were harmed in the making of this tile; wood-look porcelain is a sustainable choice of flooring to complete your design vision. With no VOC’s emission, high recyclable content and contribution to LEED points, AKDO’s porcelain offerings are earth-friendly with still getting you that natural grain finish

Antuns of Queens Village AKDO Wood Look Porcelain Floor

Mansion 30″x30″ Arcade (M), Antun’s of Queens Village

With its value, durability, ease to clean, and eco-friendly properties, wood-look porcelain tiles are an easy choice when it comes to completing the design for your next commercial project. Explore AKDO’s wood-look porcelain collections below.


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