Trending In Tile: Emulating the Warmth of Natural Wood


Natural wood surfaces are versatile, and manage to deliver an inimitably classic warmth to spaces, which explains the rise in the popularity of wood-look surface coverings, especially in the form of porcelains.

At AKDO, we can’t get enough of this modern option ourselves; not only do porcelain tiles provide a solution for more budget conscious projects, but they also boast minimal maintenance. Additionally, they are versatile in that they are suitable for both commercial and residential applications, and maintain the look of a brand new installation much longer than natural wood.

Read on to discover an assortment of our favorite wood-look porcelain offerings…

AKDO’s Arcadia Mill in Oak


Arcadia is the latest introduction to AKDO’s portfolio of porcelains with a wood look. It offers the same organic charm and streamlined appeal often associated with hygge, the much sought-after Scandinavian design trend, while simultaneously bringing true wood grain patterns to life. The juxtaposition of geometric silhouettes and rugged elements makes Arcadia ideal for crafting fresh spaces with functional comfort.

AKDO’s Mansion Arcade


Mansion is one of AKDO’s bestselling wood look porcelains, and for good reason. It seamlessly marries two current flooring trends: the look of rustic wood and the use of large-format tiles, while duplicating the look of vintage parquet flooring, which has been a beloved choice since it gained popularity in 16th century French architecture.

AKDO’s Arbor Maple


Evoking one of nature’s most beloved surfaces, the plank profile of the Arbor porcelain tiles looks true-to-life. Offered in a range of chic hues that nod to a more modern aesthetic, this wear-resistant tile seamlessly marries together function and design.

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